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The main products produced by Lotus Hill Rock Drill Brazing Tools Co., Ltd. include various types of threaded joint brazing tools, submersible brazing tools, hand-held brazing tools, rock drills and other products. They are widely used in mining, excavation, transportation, metallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and other rock drilling operations.

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Create world-class drilling tools and serve our customers wholeheartedly

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LianHuaShan Rock Tools Ltd. is located in Huludao City, Liaoning Province, established in 1969 and restructured in 2003, formerly known as Lianhua Mountain Metallurgical Machinery Factory, a professional rock drilling and brazing tool manufacturer and a national key electromechanical export enterprise.

Business Philosophy

With the enterprise spirit of “unity and practicality, self-improvement and forge ahead” as our goal, with the aim of “creating the world’s first-class brazing tools” and with the aim of “serving customers wholeheartedly”, we provide quality products and satisfactory services for customers at home and abroad.

Qualifications Honors

 “Lianhuashan (LHS)” product brand is a well-known trademark brand and an internationally renowned brand in Liaoning Province and Huludao City. It belongs to the exclusive use of Lianhuashan Rock Drilling Tools Co., Ltd., and enjoys intellectual property rights and the right to use the trademark in accordance with the law.

Organizational Structure

The products produced by the company are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards (ISO standards), and the product quality is at the leading domestic level, and the leading product quality has reached the international advanced level, effectively ensuring the continuous stability of product quality.

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To provide quality products and satisfactory service to customers at home and abroad.


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