Milling Skills Competition

On November 14, 2019, the opening ceremony of Liaoning Provincial Staff Skills Competition for Milling Workers was held in Liaoning Toyota Gold Cup Technical College, and 40 milling workers from 12 cities in the province participated in the competition. The company assigned four contestants to represent Huludao City to participate in the final of Liaoning Provincial Milling Worker Competition, and they improved their technical level and exercised their psychological quality under the pre-match guidance of senior milling technicians Liu Weidong and Che Dong and technical director Guo Yu. In the end, Wang Kun of the tool section won the 7th place, Liu Qiang won the 10th place, Li Lei won the 14th place, and Tai Peng of the post and tooth workshop won the 12th place. On December 17, Huludao City Federation of Trade Unions held a general commendation meeting for the competition, and the company won the excellent organization prize. Translated with (free version)