The characteristics and advantages of static blasting technology

 With the rapid socio-economic development, there is a need for a construction machine that can efficiently excavate and crush rock and concrete while reducing costs and ensuring the safety of construction workers. Static blasting technology is a new mining construction technology, it can crush or cut rock or concrete structures without vibration, flying stones, no noise, pollution, construction is efficient, fast and safe and cost-saving. Next, the editor tells you about the static blasting knowledge.

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    Principle of Static Blasting Process:

  After the artificial hole is made, the crushed material is slowly loaded with static crusher until it is cracked and broken, and then it is mined, excavated, and dismantled by wind picks.

  Construction Characteristics of Static Blasting:

  The essence of static blasting is to drill a hole in the rock, fill the hole with static blasting agent, and rely on its expansion force to create cracks or fissures in the rock to achieve the purpose of crushing, but also can successfully crush or cut rock and concrete buildings without vibration, without causing flying rocks thrown, no noise, and reduce or even no pollution, especially suitable for the renovation of old factories and housing demolition project matters. For rock crushing and cutting, it will not cause internal damage, and will improve its success rate, and will not damage any surrounding objects when blasting.

  Advantages of Static Blasting:

  (1) High efficiency and effectiveness. Static blasting can increase the success rate of stone blocks 3 to 4 times, easy to manage, and can be shipped, stored, and stored as ordinary goods.

  (2) Environmental protection and safety. Static blasting in the crushing process, no vibration, no flying stones, no noise, no poison, no pollution. Static blasting agent is not classified as dangerous goods, harmless, and can be transported and stored as ordinary goods without any restrictions in purchase, transportation and storage.

  (3) Convenient application. The application can be done by mixing with water according to the proportioning requirements and then pouring into the borehole.

  (4) Fast, powerful, and controllable. Usually cracks can appear about half an hour after loading, and the expansion force can reach 30-50MPa.